Our Company

Swimming Pool Inspection Services (SPI) was established in 2010 by WD Michlin as a way to provide reliable, unbiased inspections for insurance adjusters in Southern California. Over the last five years, SPI has grown to encompass a nationwide network of swimming pool inspectors and experts, and has performed inspections all across the country.

The idea for SPI began in 2009 after helping pools in Southern California come into compliance with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act (VGBA). This law required pools and spas to switch from having only one main drain to having two, in order to minimize the force of suction on any one drain. Soon after, SPI began providing inspections for pools and spas that had been affected by Southern California’s wildfires.

Over the years, the services that SPI provides have increased; our inspections are comprehensive, and in addition, we provide expert witness services, engineering inspections, and more. At SPI, our goal is to help the insurance, asset and risk management fields easily identify problems with pools, as well as pinpoint the cause of loss for insurance claims, both for residential pools and commercial pool facilities.

SPI is a DBA of American Management Experts of Los Angeles, Inc.

Our President

W.D. Michlin has been a business owner, entrepreneur and consultant since 1975. He is a public speaker and gives seminars on business valuations, swimming pool inspections, business interruption and other related subjects. In an effort to deliver stellar service, he oversees all aspects of the company.

Our Inspectors

We have a team of over 500 pool inspectors spread over the United States. All our inspectors have 7 or more years of experience building and repairing pools, with most having over 20 years of experience. We retain only the highest qualified professionals to perform our pool inspections for the insurance, asset and risk management industries. With our years of experience, you can feel confident with SPI’s inspections and engineering reports.

Engineering Support

Kathleen A. O’Brian, Civil Engineer
Kate specializes in structures, and  is available to travel nationally.
California License C-049498.
Arizona License #50595.

Swimming Pool Inspection Services uses a network of inspectors across the United States. Please contact us if you are in need of an engineer to inspect a pool or spa.