Engineering Inspections for Commercial Pools

Commercial Pool Engineering Inspections

Before any swimming pool, commercial or residential, is built, a thorough engineering report must be done to ensure that the ground where the pool is to be built is stable enough to hold a pool, and to determine how best to go about installing the structure and drainage for the pool. For those who own or manage a commercial swimming pool, it is a good idea to have engineering inspections performed annually to ensure that potential ground movement and structural issues are spotted as early as possible, before they become bigger issues.  Swimming Pool Inspection Services has a nationwide network of swimming pool engineers who will be able to thoroughly inspect and assess the structural integrity of your commercial swimming pool and help you stay ahead of possible issues that may arise in your facility.

It’s easy to assume that all is well underneath your swimming pool. But the fact is, many structural issues may not be visible to you. You may discover that underneath the pool, leaks, ground movement and settlement, and ground water may be wreaking havoc on the structural integrity and safety of your commercial pool.  These ground issues can cause your pool walls to weaken. If water loss occurs, the ground around your pool can become saturated, which can have a dangerous domino affect on not only the pool and spa, but adjacent buildings and structures, as well.

Water Features and Engineering Inspection Reports

If your commercial pool facility has water features such as waterfalls or fountains, your pool may be at a higher risk for engineering issues. Flowing water and the extra weight of the features can add additional pressure to the pool structure. In these cases, the pools were likely built with additional structural fortification. However, it is still important to have these features, and the pools they are attached to, inspected annually for any changes in the surrounding areas. This is especially relevant for commercial facilities such as hotel resorts and water parks, where water features abound, and pools are used frequently and without interruption. Other commercial pool facilities include:

  • Apartment and condominium swimming pools
  • Gyms, athletic clubs, and country club pools
  • High school, college, and university pools
  • Aquatic center and community pools
  • Motel pools

Experienced Swimming Pool Engineers

At Swimming Pool Inspection Services, we take pride in working only with experienced and established swimming pool experts. Most of our inspectors have over 20 years of experience in the industry. Our inspectors will not only provide you with a thorough engineering inspection and report, but can also perform a comprehensive inspection of your pool, including plumbing, filtration equipment, decking, and electrical equipment. Furthermore, our inspectors can advise you on how much repairs may cost, and whether or not your facility is in compliance with local safety regulations. An inspection from SPI will give you, your insurance company, and your guests, immeasurable peace of mind.