Electrical Inspections for Commercial Pools

It is essential that commercial swimming pools and spas are inspected annually, both to ensure that the pool and surrounding decking are safe and up to code, and to check that all electrical equipment is in proper working condition. If you are the owner or manager of a commercial swimming pool or spa, you understand that the health of your pool is vital to the welfare of those using the pool, and to your business. Swimming Pool Inspection Services has a nationwide network of experienced swimming pool contractors, engineers, and electricians who can perform an electrical commercial inspection to verify that all electrical equipment to your swimming pool and spa are in tip-top shape.

Comprehensive Inspections for Commercial Pool Equipment

When something goes wrong with a commercial pool’s electrical equipment, it can not only cause problems with the chemical balance of the water and general condition of the pool, but it can also be extremely dangerous. Broken electrical equipment can be expensive to repair, and even worse, can cause injury to your customers in the form of electrocution. The most effective way to manage a commercial swimming pool and spa is by taking preventative measures, and have the pool, and its electrical equipment, inspected annually.

An electrical commercial inspection includes the following:

  • Inspection of all electrical equipment, including the pump, heating, and filtration system.
  • Inspection of all electrical wiring.
  • Inspection of lighting.
  • Inspection of control panels for swimming pool and spa.
  • Inspection of surrounding electrical equipment, including overhead power lines and telecommunication lines.
  • Inspection of underground wiring (where possible).

Electrical Commercial Code and Safety Compliance

Our inspectors have years of experience in swimming pool contracting, electrical wiring, and engineering, and are familiar with your local safety and building codes. With their expertise, you will know if your pool is in compliance with local safety codes, including distance from overhead equipment, and minimum distance for underground wiring.

The best way to avoid damage or injury to your pool or customers is by keeping it in good working condition. Damaged electrical equipment can cause unhealthy conditions in your pool or spa’s water. Pumps and filters move dirt out of the water, while heaters keep the water at a safe temperature for your guests. When these mechanisms stop functioning properly, it can cause thousands of dollars in damages, as well as unsafe conditions for those utilizing the pool or spa.

Our electrical commercial inspections are ideal if you manager or own a commercial pool, including:

  • Hotel or motel pools
  • Athletic and country club pools
  • Condominium or apartment complex pools
  • Community pools
  • High school and college pools

Nationwide Network of Electrical Commercial Pool Experts

At Swimming Pool Inspection Services, we have a nationwide network of swimming pool experts. Whether your pool requires a basic inspection from a swimming pool contractor, an in-depth engineering report from a swimming pool engineer, or an electrical inspection from a swimming pool electrician, you can be sure that our inspectors are not only experienced in swimming pool construction and maintenance, but are also well-versed in your local safety and health code requirements. If you have experienced problems with your commercial swimming pool’s electrical equipment, don’t wait for the problem to get worse; call Swimming Pool Inspection Services today.