Memorial Day Pool Tips

Spending Memorial Day Poolside

With Memorial Day weekend ahead of us, it’s time to think about opening up your swimming pool that has been closed all winter. Opening an inground or above-ground swimming pool is a process, but if done correctly, your pool will be ready for use this Memorial Day.

Tips for Opening Your Pool After Winter

It’s not too late to get your pool ready for Memorial Day! While parts of the country are already enjoying warm weather, many people have been enjoying a long winter, and are just getting around to opening up their winterized pool for the summer. If you follow these tips, your pool will be ready to go this weekend, and all summer long!

Remove the Cover

The first step is to remove the cover of your pool. Before attempting to remove the cover, make sure to remove any water or debris sitting on top. This will make the cover easier to remove, and prevent any debris from getting in your pool.

Depending on the type of cover you have, this may require special tools. A safety cover my require an installation tool and hex key to remove it, while a standard cover will just have water bags that need to be drained and stored again until next year.

Make sure to store your cover in a safe, dry location so it will be ready to use next year.

Remove the Winter Plugs

Walk around your pool and make sure all the winter plugs are removed from all the return lines and step jets.

In addition, remove the ice skimmer compensator and replace the skimmer baskets. At this time, the pool should be filled to mid-way up to the skimmer.

Reinstall Pool Accessories

Pool ladders, diving boards, and step rails that were removed during the winter should be prepped and reinstalled. Lubricating the bolts will help prevent them from rusting throughout the spring and summer.

Set Up Filter and Pump

Before starting up your filtration system again, make sure all the drain plugs are properly installed. Generally speaking, there is one drain plug in the filter and two in the pump.

Replace the pressure gauge and any other parts of the filter that need to be reattached. After everything is in place, the filtration system can be powered on. If no water is coming through your pump, it may have to be primed by adding a bucketful of pool water to it.

Skim Pool for Debris

Your pool may be full of algae, which we will take care of next, but first give it a quick skim for larger debris such as leaves, twigs, and any trash that may have found its way inside during the winter. This can occur if the cover was not properly affixed or somehow became damaged during the winter.

Shock Water

Test a water sample and add the appropriate chemicals to bring the pool water to the correct balance. The water’s pH and alkalinity should be balanced before adding any other chemicals. If you are unsure about this step, take a water sample to a swimming pool professional, and they can test it and recommend a course of action.

Ready for Memorial Day!

Let the pool run for 24 hours before checking the water again. If the pool water is clear or cloudy blue, it is ready for use.

Opening your pool is easy to do on your own, and opening it early will ensure that it’s ready for use when those summer holidays roll around. However, it’s not to late to celebrate Memorial Day poolside! As always, speak with a swimming pool professional if you’re unsure how to properly open your pool.

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