Reading, PA Pool Leak

Reading, PA Above-Ground Pool Leak After 4 Months

When an above-ground pool begins leaking after only being installed four months previously, Swimming Pool Inspection Services is called out to inspect the pool and determine what caused the damage.

Reading, PA Pool Collapse

Swimming Pool Inspection Services was called upon to inspect an above-ground pool in Reading, PA that had mysteriously begun leaking, after only four months of use. Our inspector spoke with the insured, who stated that she had noticed water draining out of the pool and that she could see chunks of ice holding onto the side of the liner.

Inspection Observations

Our inspector visited the property in question and performed a thorough inspection of the pool and surrounding areas. During the course of his inspection, he made the following observations:

  • Upon arrival to the property, our inspector found the pool completely empty of water.
  • There were several areas at the base of the pool where sand had washed out.
  • The liner was torn out of the top track.
  • When our inspector looked inside the pool and moved the cover around, he found a small separation in the bottom liner seam.

Analysis of Reading, PA Inspection Observations

Our inspector believed that the liner had been torn out of the top track due to ice clinging to the liner and water leaking out of the pool. The tear in the bottom seam of the liner appeared to be the source of the slow water leak.

Cause of Loss in Reading, PA Pool

It was the opinion of our inspector that once the water froze, with the pre-existing small leak present at the bottom of the pool, there was a separation of water and ice. Once this happened, the ice was suspended and then dropped. Our inspector believed that the ice that was not floating on the water pulled the liner out of track, dropped into the water and allowed the water to rush out of the pool. Once the water was out of the pool, the chunks of ice tore the liner in several places.

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