Bethlehem, PA Swimming Pool Inspection

Swimming Pool Inspection in Bethlehem, PA

After a storm causes damage to a Bethlehem, PA swimming pool, Swimming Pool Inspection Services inspects the pool for further damage.

Bethlehem, PA Swimming Pool Inspection

Swimming Pool Inspection Services was asked to inspect a swimming pool in Bethlehem, PA in order to determine what had caused damage to the pool liner and cover. Our inspector visited the property in question and spoke with the insured. The insured explained that the pool had been winterized, and that the storm had caused the pool’s current condition. He also provided a picture of the pool during the winter.

Inspection Observations

Our inspector performed a thorough inspection of the pool and surrounding areas, and made the following observations:

  • The safety springs broke away from the cover.
  • The main cover material tore away from the cross straps.
  • The pool was empty of water and the liner was shredded.
  • The bottom of the pool (vermiculite) was damaged.
  • The structure of the pool was in good shape.

Analysis of Swimming Pool Inspection

Our inspector noted that aside from being shredded, the liner was dry and brittle; however, the dry and brittle condition was a secondary issue and existed because it was exposed to the sun and air for several months. The bottom of the pool was damaged by water and snow sitting on it. Our inspector also noted that the bottom of the pool would need to be repaired before a new liner was installed. The liner and cover are beyond repair and replacement is required.

Cause of Loss in Bethlehem, PA Swimming Pool

It was the opinion of our inspector that the weight of snow was such that it pushed down on the mesh safety cover and caused it to snap off its springs and collapse into the pool. This caused the liner to tear and water to escape from the pool. The bottom of the pool was then exposed to ice and snow, which damaged the vermiculite.

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