Leak Detection for Hot Tubs and Spas


Professional inspections are conducted on any type of hot tub or spa for insurance professionals when an expert opinion is needed because of a claim.

Swimming Pool Inspection Services manages a network of over 500 hot tub and spa contractors and experts to support any claims involving hot tubs or spas in the continental United States.  We are a reliable resource for all Property and Casualty claims professionals.

Comprehensive Hot Tub and Spa Inspections

Our hot tub and spa inspections are comprehensive and include:

  • Expert cause of loss analyses
  • Replacement cost calculations
  • Reports to support subrogation services
  • Origin determination
  • Costs to replace stolen equipment
  • Soot and ash claim inspections
  • Internal freeze damage inspections
  • Leak detection

Accurate and Comprehensive Reporting

We can inspect any hot tub or spa within the continental United States. We will tell you what is actually wrong with the hot tub or spa, what portion of the problem is your insurance company’s responsibility and how much it will cost to fix the problem.

Unconditional Guarantee of our Hot Tub and Spa Inspections

Our inspectors are very experienced, with most having over 20 years of experience.

We offer an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied you will owe us nothing.

Our phone line operates 7 days a week to serve you and your insured.
For more information about our Hot Tub or Spa Inspections please contact us at 888.321.6230 or use our online contact form by clicking here.