Swimming Pool Inspection Services is called out to inspect a  swimming pool that was damaged in a windstorm that knocked a small tree onto the pool’s safety cover.

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Windstorm Damage Inspection in Clinton, MD

After a windstorm blew a small tree into a Clinton, MD homeowner’s swimming pool, Swimming Pool Inspection Services is called out to inspect the pool to determine if the homeowner’s story added up, to check for additional damage, and to provide a quote on repairs. Our inspector visited the property in question and interviewed the insured, who explained that wind had knocked down a small tree that fell on the pool and damaged the cover.

Inspection Observations

Our inspector performed a thorough inspection of the swimming pool and surrounding areas and made the following observations:

  • The pool appeared to be well maintained.
  • There was water present in the pool.
  • The pool cover was in good working condition aside from the hole in the cover.
  • There were trees planted in close proximity to the pool.
  • A tree and several branches were on top of the cover during inspection.
  • There were several rips in the pool cover.
  • Several of the tree branches had pierced through the cover.

Analysis of Inspection Observations

Our inspector concluded that when the tree fell onto the pool cover, it damaged the cover beyond repair. The pool cover will have to be replaced. The insured had been given a reasonable estimate to replace the cover by a pool contractor.

Cause of Loss in Clinton, MD Swimming Pool Inspection

It was the professional opinion of our inspector that the pool safety cover was damaged when the wind knocked over a tree, which then pierced and ripped the pool cover. In this instance the cover would cost over $5,000 to replace, including the cost of installation.

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