It’s not to late to winterize and make sure the pool is covered

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Swimming pool covers are extremely important for maintaining a pool and preventing damage from occurring.

Having a properly installed and utilized swimming pool cover will ensure that the pool is protected from the elements and ready to use when uncovered. Here are just a few reasons why a cover is recommended for a well-maintained pool:

Reduces Evaporation

Every day that a pool is exposed to the air, evaporation occurs. This results in higher water costs. Additionally, a lower water level can cause damage to the parts of the pool that are exposed to the air. Tile, plaster, and vinyl in a pool should not be exposed to air; doing so can cause them to crack, dry out, and become brittle.

Keeps Debris Out of Pool 

One of the best features of a cover is that it keeps leaves, twigs, and other debris out of the swimming pool. Allowing this debris to remain in the pool can cause the pool to develop algae and staining to the pool liner.

Heat Retention

A pool cover will help a pool water remain heated. This is great for people who don’t have a heated pool. And for those with a heater, a cover will cut down on energy costs because the pool will not have to be heated as aggressively.

Chemical Use

Keeping a pool covered when not in use cuts down on the chemical consumption of your pool, which not only saves money, but can also save the pool! Overuse of chemicals can damage the liner in a pool. Aggressive chemical use can cause a pool liner to age, warp, and become brittle.

Winter Protection

Winter is difficult on pools, especially in areas with freezing weather. Allowing the water in a pool to freeze can cause severe, irreparable damage to the liner, which will likely need to be replaced. Protecting a pool in the winter with a secure cover will ensure the pool is in good shape when opened the following spring.


Having a safety cover on a pool is essential if children are nearby. They are sturdy and can generally hold the weight of a person or animal. However, this is only true for safety covers. Other cover types can increase the risk of drowning because of the risk of someone being trapped underneath the cover. A safety cover is a necessity to protect  family and friends from the risk of drowning, and to protect oneself from the liability of a terrible accident.

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